Gymnastic Rings – Wooden

Gymnastic Rings – Wooden


Our premium Classic Wooden Gymnastic Rings are for those looking for a high-quality product which offers a texture, grip and light feel distinct from that of plastic rings. Each set comes with heavy-duty numbered straps and buckles.

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Gymnastic rings

Gymnastic rings training is an incredibly challenging and diverse method of bodyweight and suspension training, and it considerably improves strength and endurance. Gymnastic rings are essential for any CrossFit box, functional fitness facility and even home gyms. Our Plastic Gymnastic Rings are built to handle Olympic calibre ring dips, muscle-ups, back levers, front levers, pull-ups, ring push-ups, ring rows, skin the cats and anything else you can throw at them.

Our popular Plastic Gymnastic Rings, with a 28mm diameter (230mm outer ring diameter, 175mm inner ring diameter), offer a high quality product which is incredibly durable and cost effective. An asset in your equipment arsenal, the high-grade and durable plastic compound has a textured finish for better grip and it is ideal for repelling water, sweat and oil, and that means they are great for high use and even outdoor use. Additionally, they are light (this minimises injury when swinging loosely around) and conveniently portable.

Our Plastic Gymnastic Rings come with heavy-duty straps and buckles. The straps are 18 feet long (5.5m), making them long enough to hang from high ceilings or fixtures. The buckle allows you to adjust the straps to your ideal height, safely securing them in place without slipping or shifting when in use.