Gym Chalk

Gym Chalk


Our premium Classic Wooden Gymnastic Rings are for those looking for a high-quality product which offers a texture, grip and light feel distinct from that of plastic rings. Each set comes with heavy-duty numbered straps and buckles.

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Rebel Gym Chalk

A basic essential, our Gym Chalk (also known as weightlifting chalk), is available in either in a Chalk Box or a Chalk Carton. It is made from high-quality magnesium carbonate to keep your hands dry during Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, any workouts using an Olympic bar, and for all gymnastic workouts when your grip is important. If wall climbers are using it, then you know its top-quality. Guaranteed to give you ultimate grip and to keep your hands dry, it ensures reliable and strong grip and prevents slipping off the equipment. Our Gym Chalk is compressed into a convenient dispensing blocks (each block is 90mm by 90mm by 45mm), which are a lot less messy than loose chalk.